Impulsive spending can be dangerous, however extreme frugality and money guilt can be even worse. Money should never have a strong hold over you and what you do (however, living within your budget is still important). Everywhere you go, people will tell you how important it is to save your money avoid being in debt (bad debt). I say bad debt, because in this instance I’m not talking about good debt such as buying a home (within your budget), taking out a loan for a strategic business opportunities or such. …

Figure 1

During the 19th and 20th century within East Asia, the role of Isolationism and Imperialism was very dominant in shaping the position that China, Japan, and Korea would take during this time period. Isolationism is essentially a stance that one (person, group, country or nation) will take in order to separate themselves from all other interests, in which throughout East Asia it dealt mostly with political and trade differences between neighboring regions. On the other side, Imperialism also played a very dominant role throughout East Asia where one nation/empire maintains power and authority over another region to where they attempt…

The Constant Struggle

The close of the twentieth century and the dawn of the twenty first century has signaled a monumental victory for females in the professional world, however, unfortunately ArcelorMittal has failed to join in their celebration. Many industries worldwide have faced a historic gender disparity, especially in the steel industry. What separates the new wave of successful, progressive, and innovative companies from the companies of the past is the actions taken to curb the trend of having a male dominated workforce throughout all levels of companies. Iron and steel mill manufacturing currently faces a 80%-20% gender disparity favoring…

Alumni/Mentor Type Questions

Emotional Intelligence Leadership:

  1. Who is one colleague that you worked well with and why do you think you did? How do you think this reflects your company or industry?
  2. With the demanding nature of your career, what do you do to help find a good work/life balance? How does that help you with maintaining relationships with those in the workplace?

Strength-Based Leadership:

  1. What do you consider your leadership strengths? How have you had to change or develop them work with certain individuals to make sure everything ran smoothly?
  2. How do you motivate or re-engage with your team…

The evolution of technology has undisputedly disrupted every aspect of society as we’ve previously known it. From generation to generation, technology adoption has accelerated at exponential rates. As a result, our youth has become victimized by overexposure of technology at unprecedented early developmental stages, leading to a growing concern of the effect technology has on child development and overall well-being.

On January 8th, 2018, Jana Partners, an activist Hedge Fund, and the California State Teachers Retirement System, one of the largest public pension funds in the US, wrote an open letter to Apple management concerning the addictive nature of Apple…

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